Welcome to First Central Presbyterian Church!

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Welcome to the First Central Presbyterian Church website. We are an active, mission minded congregation in the heart of Abilene, Texas!

But don't just look from afar...the welcome mat is always out!


C is for children. 

O is for older adults.

M is for middle agers.

E is for everyone else! 

There is a place here for you!


Dear Friends,

Welcome to our web page and welcome to First Central! Perhaps these printed words and beautiful pictures can give you an idea of what our church is like. But to be real honest, it is best that you see first hand!

I think one of the best things about First Central is that it is a ‘welcoming’ church. I like to say that we have ‘rolled out the red carpet’ for you, but that is not exactly true – but it is true that the carpet in the sanctuary is a beautiful red – and it is true that we are thrilled you have come to worship Jesus with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Frederick Buechner has written:

You can survive on your own.
You can grow strong on your own.
You can even prevail on your own.
But you cannot become more human on your own.

This is why we need ‘church’ ...so that we can grow more human together; so that we can grow into the kind of marvelous humans that our Creator has intended us to be.

We become more and more who we are meant to be in Christ when we relate to one another in and through our church family. The glue which keeps us together is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of us have our rough edges and in the church we see how God draws straight with crooked lines!  Meditate someday on the beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary and be reminded of the way rough edges and stained lives can be brought together into a work of great beauty.

If there is any way that I can help you become better acquainted with our church, let me know. You might even try emailing me at cstewart@fcpc.net  

Together in Christ’s ministry,

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 October 25 - Tuesday
9:00 am Garden Ministry Work Time
1:00 pm Food Pantry Open
 October 26 - Wednesday
10:00 am Knitting & Crochet
5:45 pm Wednesday Night Dinner
6:30 pm Wednesday Night Program
6:30 pm Handbell Choir Practice
7:00 pm All Youth Gathering
7:30 pm Sanctuary Choir Practice
 October 27 - Thursday
5:30 am Breakfast on Beech Street "BOBS"
9:00 am Garden Ministry Work Time
5:30 pm Guitar Group
7:30 pm YANC (Young Adults, No Children)
 October 30 - Sunday
8:30 am Worship
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Worship
5:00 pm Trunk and Treat
5:00 pm Mid-High Youth
6:00 pm Senior High Youth
 October 31 - Monday
7:00 am Men's Monday Mornings
10:00 am Phoebe's Friends

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